Every seller wants their property to sell quickly and for top dollar. While buyers are seeking the perfect home to fit their personality, as a seller it’s YOUR job to let them see the potential. And that means taking your personality out.

There are a million things to do before putting your house on the market, but the three D’s we discuss below will help simplify the process and prepare you for letting go of your very important and personal investment.


While you may have spent years making memories in a particular home, it’s time to move forward and let another person or family start making memories of their own.

Remind yourself that this will no longer be your house. It is a product, like any other, that’s intended to be sold. Make a mental decision to let go of your emotions and focus on the fact that your goal is to get it sold. Keep moving forward and remember the excitement of a new adventure ahead.


It’s amazing the amount of junk people collect over the years. Okay, maybe it’s not junk to you, but what about buyers? If they can’t relate to an object AND it’s in the way, it’s called clutter. And you need to get rid of it. So what goes and what stays? Let’s put it this way – if you haven’t used or worn it in over a year, chances are you probably won’t any time soon, so away it goes. You’re going to have to pack everything up eventually right? De-cluttering is a great way to start the process. 


Personal photos and family knick-knacks are just that: personal. When a potential buyer walks into your home, you want them to say “I can see myself living here”, not “what’s this family all about?” Give buyers the opportunity to see their own family photos on the wall – if yours are already there, it’s harder for them to do.

A lot of people talk about the time and effort that goes into selling a house – they don’t always consider the emotional toll. These tips should help you start the selling process positively and maintain and excitement about your new adventures.