In case you didn’t know before coming to our blog, Dripping Springs real estate is a hot topic. The same thing can be said about a lot of hill country towns throughout the United States – it’s never about what’s in the town itself, but what’s around the town that matters the most. However, before you make the decision to head out and see what’s out there to do, there are a few things in the town of Dripping Springs, Texas that really are worth checking out.

The first are, of course, the springs that are the actual namesake of the town itself. The springs sit on the private property of Homestead B&B. All you need to do is knock on the door, and the owner will likely be very happy to show you around the property if you ask nicely enough. Before you do this, though, consider taking in a decent breakfast by visiting Rolling in Thyme and Dough, which is located right off of Highway 290. As the day goes on, it may be a good idea to stop into The Barber Shop for a cold pint of craft brew, especially since this establishment serves house-made and Texas brews from all over the state itself.

You can then head just north of Dripping Springs to find some even more interesting activities to partake in. For instance, Hamilton Pool is a natural grotto that is also the home to some of Texas’s greatest swimming holes. However, you may want to think about getting to this particular location early – otherwise, you’ll likely be waiting for hours in the parking lot to get in! West Cave Preserve is another awesome activity to consider checking out, as you can take a guided tour to a breathtaking grotto and cave. Finally Milton Reimer’s Ranch is a great place for those who wish to jump into the world of hill country right away. This location used to be a private ranch; however, it has since been turned into a public park that contains an outdoor playground offering everything from mountain biking to rock climbing to even fishing.

Once you’ve decided that you’re finished with all of the fun, consider heading to the south of Dripping Springs to The Salt Lick, which is located in the town of Driftwood. This is a restaurant famous for serving up some of the best barbecue in all of Texas!

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