There has been a huge increase in the online search for ”homes for sale in Wimberley Tx” and here’s a few reasons why. When you visit a Texas town such as Wimberley, you’re bound to find all sorts of things to do that will most definitely occupy both your time and enjoyment. Out of the many activities that the town has to offer, here are the top three that you should make note of for your next visit!

Bella Vista Ranch

This attraction is actually a family-run business that specializes in fresh foods and olive oil. The ranch was originally dilapidated when it was purchased in 1996, but has now become a true agricultural destination spot in Wimberley. All of the olive trees on the property were first planted in 1998, while the retail store was opened in the year 2000. The olive pressing facility, meanwhile, was opened a year later, in 2001, where each olive has been freshly pressed every year since then to create fresh olive oil. Additionally, the ranch has also created Bella Vista Cellars after officially obtaining their winery license. The decision was made to do this due to the evolution of dry-county rules throughout the state of Texas. In the Bella Vista Cellars, you will find a wide range of Italian varietals, such as blackberry wine, which is created using fruit direct from the ranch itself.

Wimberley Glassworks

This establishment is the number one hand blown glass and art studio in all of Texas, and it has held that distinction ever since 1992. The studio also hosts glass blowing demonstrations every day for both tourists and locals, and many of their designs are featured throughout many commercial properties throughout the entire state. All in all, many of the pieces created by Wimberley Glassworks are truly unique and work to capture the imaginations of those who view them.

Blue Hole Regional Park

This spot is one that many consider to be almost virtually hidden in the town of Wimberley. The park itself is lined by old growth cypress trees that have survived a multitude of situations, such as milling, floods, and even being used by settlers for building materials. The park also has a rare ecosystem that supports a huge species of reptiles, birds, amphibians, insects, and mammals. The scenery itself is also extremely beautiful to look at as well, as wildflowers, native grasses, and a variety of trees and shrubs that are native to Central Texas adorn the entire property.

Just because one of our specialties is helping you during a homes for sale in Wimberley Tx search, that doesn’t mean we can’t write about other things we enjoy about our community. Thanks for stopping by our blog and we hope you continue to visit.