Homes for sale San Marcos Tx has become a popular online search and there’s good reason. San Marcos is truly a beautiful area, with the most interesting feature in the entire area being the river. This river comes to life thanks to hundreds of different springs that emanate right from the center of town itself, and it’s always enjoyed throughout the entire year thanks to the fact that the temperature is always a steady 72 degrees.

Besides the river, there are many other different types of attractions that you can enjoy whenever you take the opportunity to visit San Marcos. Take a moment to make note of the following for the next time that you know you’ll be in the area!

Blanco Shoals

Measuring in at a total of 81 acres, Blanco Shoals is located just west of the Blanco River, as well as near the IH35 bridge. It’s also an area that will always remain undeveloped, with the exception of a few simple trails that will be added sometime in the future. This area contains not only shoals, but also high bank bluffs and tall trees as well.

Dunbar Park

This park is owned by the city of San Marcos and is located at the corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Endicott. The park itself measures a total of approximately seven acres. Some of the features of this attraction include a playground for children, softball field, basketball court, and barbecue grills for families to enjoy whenever they wish. Additionally, there are plenty of picnic tables and benches for people to sit at, as well as trash cans for visitors to toss their garbage in.

San Marcos Discovery Center

This attraction provides all sorts of information regarding how you can explore all of the natural beauty of the city itself, including information about most of the local plant life. Additionally, the Discovery Center also helps to coordinate and facilitate many youth services programs, as well as programs that are designed to protect the San Marcos River.

The Meadows Center Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Formerly known as Aquarena Center, this attraction offers all sorts of wonderful and exciting options, from self-guided tours to historic glass bottom boat rides to wildlife viewing and so much more. There is even a gift shop where you can purchase many different types of souvenirs from your visit!

Olympic Outdoor Center

This particular attraction was originally founded in the year 2001, and it provides year-round paddling instruction and equipment rentals for those who wish to ride the San Marcos River. If you wish to do so, you can even ride with an experienced guide or instructor, who will help to ensure that you are properly outfitted, regardless of whether you will be kayaking, fishing, or paddle boarding.

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